Pâtes de coings (Quince squares): The Perfect Addition to Your Cheese Board


Quince fruit jelly squares remind me of late night dinners at cousin Thierry’s house on the French-Swiss Borderland. I happened upon quince in the store a few days ago and made the simple recipe with my ten year old son for the holidays!

This kind of gummy fruit is fabulous with cheese. It can be made from almost any kind of fruit but quince is my favorite because it is naturally rich in pectin so you don’t have to add any artificial pectin (a jelling agent used for making jams and jellies that is found easily in the canning section of most grocery stores).


4 quinces & one 1/2 lemon (cut, peeled, cored, cooked in boiling water with the juice of one lemon and blended into a fine apple sauce-like consistency in a food processor)

Sugar (25% less than the amount of quince sauce)

one split vanilla bean

DIRECTIONS: Mix the sugar, vanilla bean and quince sauce in a heavy bottom pan. Cook, stirring constantly until they change color to a salmon-pinkish orange (about 45 minutes). Pour into a plastic wrap covered square dish. Let dry a couple hours or overnight in the fridge. Cut into squares. Roll the squares in sugar. Voila!





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