Foie Gras Perfect Pairings


Foie Gras, Southern France

Foie Gras is a specialty local product of the Southwestern region of France where we are basing our Live-Like-a-Local Castle Sojourn. In addition to this luxury food product made from duck or goose liver, the Perigord region of France is renowned throughout the country for it’s luxurious local food products which include truffle mushrooms, walnuts, figs and duck!

Visiting the region, we’ve eaten all kinds of marvelous things and I had one of those “click” moments when suddenly you have new insight into a past experience that you weren’t able to fully understand: in this case, it was my first foie gras experience. I’d been invited to Germigney for the first time, (it is a Michelin-star restaurant in eastern France where we still take visitors on our Best-Kept-Secrets of the French-Swiss Borderland Sojourn). The first course was foie gras and I still remember it clearly because I loved the pairings so much that I still try to replicate the experience when I have foie gras at home. The foie gras was served on a brown bread walnut roll with fig preserves and a glass of Condrieu wine (usually it is served with a sweet wine like Sauternes or Montbazillac but the dry floral Condrieu is soo much more pleasant especially when you are getting that sweetness from an accompanying fig jam). Now that I’ve been to the region of its provenance I see the nuts and figs were a natural thing to pair with it.

DSC_0057 (1)

Lunch in France: (local food) duck breast with cabbage and foie gras!

We checked out a restaurant in the village of La Roche Gageac where we will probably bring our guests and we had duck breast topped with cabbage and duck foie gras. What decadance!

On another day we visited the medieval city of Sarlat le Caneda where we saw several boutiques dedicated especially to foie gras.


Foie Gras Boutique, France


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